Bat Genotyping – DNA Analysis of Droppings

Bat genotyping is a method used for reliable identification of bat species from guano (droppings) where e.g. identification from morphology is not possible or where bats cannot be seen and avoids the need to capture or trap these animals. Speciation is made possible by molecular analysis of the DNA found in droppings that have been collected from areas where bats are found.

In order to identify the species from which the droppings originated the DNA is first extracted and cleaned before PCR amplification and sequencing of a segment of the mitochondrial gene, cytochrome c oxidase I (COI). This information is then compared to a reference database containing DNA sequence information known species and thus enables the bat species to be determined.

The list price of each kit containing enough consumables to take 4 separate samples is £15 and each individual sample analysis is £45 (standard service – 10 working days) or £60 (fast track – 5 working days). All prices are ex VAT.

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