AgriTech 4.0 – Crops, Seeds & Soil

Event: Friday, 15th October

We are pleased to announce that our head of crop physiology, Dr. Pete Berry will be presenting at the AgriTech 4.0 event being held on the 15th of October.

Dr. Pete will be presenting on the topics of:

  • Discoveries from yield enhancement networks
  • Achieving high yields with low GHG emissions
  • Farm-PEP: harness the knowledge of the whole agricultural community


The event:

Crops, Seeds& Soil (CSS) focuses on the key aspects of sustainable and regenerative agriculture for arable land. Improving our technology, environment, practices and methods can help regenerate and revitalise the soil and environment.

CSS will look at the importance of having a holistic approach in our route to caring for crops, seeds and soil within our developing technological, sustainable and regenerative practices and processes. With technology rapidly changing agriculture, how can we continue to utilise and implement technology, as well as our ceaseless research and current knowledge of the land, into ensuring that we are continuously improving sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices, through our interaction with crops, seeds and soil.

For more information about the event, click here.

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