The final potato report is now available. Progress is reported against the total area of surveyed regions, including earlies but excluding seed.

As of 12 November, 89% of the GB potato area had been lifted. The MetOffice rainfall anomaly maps show that during October, much of Yorkshire and the East Midlands had over 175% of ‘normal’ rainfall. Most of the rest of England received 125% or more of normal rainfall, as did the southern parts of Wales where potatoes are grown. In Scotland, rainfall was close to or slightly below average for October. Actual monthly rainfall ranged from 75-100mm in the East of England to 200-300 mm in parts of Yorkshire, the North West and Southern Wales. Wet weather persisted into November, with saturated fields and flooding affecting much of the country. The River Don and surrounding areas were particularly affected by heavy rain, where there has been widespread flooding.

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You can read the full report by visiting the AHDB Potato Lifting Progress dashboard. Here you can access the interactive tool to discover lifting progress across Great Britain.