ADAS, part of the RSK group, has launched an exciting new service that will help corporate clients create meaningful environmental impacts for their businesses and could even give them a new lease of life.

Headed up by Associate Director Kat Evans, ADAS Natural Solutions brings together various in-house services to deliver a bespoke solution that will fit the client’s unique requirements by providing actions that create, restore, protect and manage natural or modified ecosystems.

Whether the business is looking at ways to achieve net-zero carbon or biodiversity net gain, or to meet sustainability key performance indicators, experts at ADAS can help it choose the best long-term natural solution. That solution will be based on the client’s criteria and our knowledge of the latest policies and market, and will be grounded in our experience in habitat creation or restoration, and working with landowners. We will assign one dedicated project manager, thereby making the process as efficient as possible.

The Natural Solutions team consists of specialists in the emerging markets associated with natural capital, biodiversity net gain and natural solutions. They can provide a one stop shop identifying, for example, the best land and the business options that will help make the solution financially viable.

ADAS Natural Solutions also includes policy advisers, data scientists, strategists, negotiators, managers and on-site specialists. It is this unique combination of range and depth of interconnected expertise that can help deliver practical enhancements of ecosystems to protect and increase the sustainability of businesses.

And, as part of the RSK group, one of the world’s leading environmental consultancies, ADAS Natural Solutions will also be able to bring in expertise from wider disciplines and services around the world.

Commenting on the new business, Kat said, “We are really excited to launch ADAS Natural Solutions, bringing together 75 years of expertise across ADAS in providing sustainable land management solutions to our clients and their businesses.

“We are passionate about unlocking nature’s potential and supporting clients to give their businesses a new lease of life and create a better world for the next generation.”