ADAS has been awarded a contract by Defra to deliver two pilots as part of the Future Farming Resilience Fund. This is part of a £1million pilot scheme that will form part of The Future Farming Countryside Programme, more detail of which can be found on page 31 of The Future Farming Policy Update. The pilot scheme will target a limited number of farmers across the whole of England to inform and enable these businesses to build resilience over the period of the Agricultural Transition from 2021 to 2027.

The pilot project will involve seven consultancy companies across nine defined territories, each one applying a different method of delivery. These methods will then be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness to define a potential national delivery mechanism.

ADAS are therefore looking to engage with farming businesses across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire and is completely free of charge – please email to register your interest.

Why this pilot is being run

Leaving the EU will provide farmers and land managers with new opportunities but may also bring challenges. Adjusting to a new funding regime driven by new outcomes will mean that many farmers and land managers in England may need to adapt their business practices and carefully consider their options for the future.

Some farmers and land managers may need to adjust their business models to become more productive, resilient, self-reliant and innovative in preparation for the decrease in, and eventual removal of, direct payments. The introduction of the new Environmental Land Management approach as well as other new funding sources will also signal the need for adaptation.

Objectives of the pilot

This pilot aims to identify the best methods of resilience support to farmers and land managers, particularly those who are most likely to be severely affected by changes emerging from the Agricultural Transition. The pilot project will help them to prepare for and adjust to, the Agricultural Transition by addressing the opportunities it presents and the impacts it could have on their businesses. It will also monitor the impact and value for money of this resilience support to inform potential future scale-up plans.


  • Farmers and land managers are clear about what the Agricultural Transition will mean for their business
  • Farmers and land managers feel supported and informed by the government in preparation for the Agricultural Transition
  • Farmers and land managers feel confident to make decisions, and do make decisions, about what to do with their business before/during the Agricultural Transition
  • Farmers and land managers are encouraged and enabled to become more resilient, competitive, innovative and productive
  • Farmers and land managers’ mental and physical health and wellbeing is supported
  • Defra is supported to collect evidence on how government can best provide any scaled-up resilience support to farmers and land managers as the Agricultural Transition period begins.

There is no financial cost to farmers participating in the programme; however, they will be asked to complete surveys at the beginning and end of the process. These surveys will be fed back, anonymously, to Defra so that they can use the results to shape future transition support.

Our first events are being held on the following dates:

Thursday 29th October – Derbyshire – Covid secure venue

Wednesday 4th November at 7pm –  Online

To register your interest or to find out more information, please contact us at