ADAS and NIAB have joined forces with Bayer in the most comprehensive national study of cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) management with growers this spring. This follows last season’s inaugural study which brought together the experience of more than 220 growers to highlight the scale of the problems caused by CSFB, the key factors responsible for the damage, and the techniques proving most helpful in managing this troublesome pest in practice.

The main start to lifting was WE17 September, with occasional crops lifted during the fortnight before. By the end of this week, 8% of the surveyed area had been lifted, with a good start made in the East of England, West Midlands and Scotland. Small areas had also been lifted in parts of the East Midlands and Yorkshire. Steady progress was made during WE24 September, with a further 7% of the surveyed area cleared.

By WE01 October, the total maincrop area lifted is estimated at 23% of the total area surveyed (c.88% of the GB area).

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You can read the full report by visiting the AHDB Potato Lifting Progress dashboard. Here you can access the interactive tool to discover lifting progress across Great Britain.