AHDB have now published the 4th harvest report for week ending 27th August 2019.

To WE27 August 3.0Mha had been harvested, equivalent to 81% of the GB cereal and oilseed area. An estimated 1.2Mha of cereals and oilseeds were harvested in the WE27 August. This is the largest area cleared in a single week since ADAS records began in 2008. This high rate of clearance was facilitated by high combine capacity on-farm, together with the fact that large areas of ripe wheat and spring barley were available to harvest in both the south and north of GB. This also coincided with hot, settled weather across the whole country. This rate of progress brought the harvest in line with recent early harvests. The main focus of harvesting activities in WE27 August was wheat and spring barley, with occasional winter barley and winter oilseed rape (WOSR) fields cleared to complete the harvest of those crops. Where farms grew oats these were often prioritised due to high levels of lodging.

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The full report is available to download here.

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