While it feels like much of the world has slowed down, farmers and land managers should not miss the opportunity to apply for the Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant Scheme which closes on 1st May.

This scheme gives applicants the opportunity to carry out up to £10,000 worth of capital works to hedgerows, stone walls, stone-faced banks and earth banks. In 2020, HLS agreement holders are able to apply for the grant on top of land in existing agreements.

The 12 available options come straight out of the Countryside Stewardship (CS) stable. They are the same options that are available in mid and higher tier.

Code Capital Item £ Payment Rate
BN5 Hedgerow laying 9.40/m
BN6 Hedgerow coppicing 4.00/m
BN7 Hedgerow gapping-up 9.50/m
BN8 Hedgerow supplement – Casting up 3.00/m
BN10 Hedgerow supplement – top binding and staking 3.40/m
TE1 Planting standard hedgerow trees 8.80 per tree
BN4 Earth bank restoration 7.00/m
BN1 Stone-faced bank repair 31.00/m
BN2 Stone-faced bank restoration 86.00/m
BN12 Stone wall restoration 25.00/m
BN13 Stone wall supplement – top wiring 3.60/m
BN14 Stone wall supplement – stone from quarry 44.00/m

Successful applicants have two years to complete the capital works that they have applied to do and the work can be completed and claimed early if the work is completed ahead of schedule. The scheme is designed to be light-touch and therefore there is no facility to amend or transfer any part of the agreement.

The scheme is competitive. Applications are selected on 3 criteria:

  • Which items you apply for (hedges score more highly than walls)
  • Size of holding (benefits smaller farms delivering high intensity of capital works)
  • Value of application (better to maximise the amount of capital works included in the application up to £10,000)

You can apply online, with an email application or a postal application.  All land must be registered before you can apply so you may need to submit an RLE1 to notify RPA of unregistered land. You will need to prepare a map, collect documents needed to support the application and also keep photographic evidence to support your application.

ADAS consultants are currently offering a remote service completing Basic Payment Scheme and Countryside Stewardship Mid-tier applications and can help you with a Hedgerows and Boundaries grant application too. We have a number of tools available to us to help you with your grant applications. Contact Fiona Tweedie or call +44(0)7766 44 1934 for more information.