As part of a project looking to improve aphid monitoring practices, on 3 March 2022 we ran an online workshop providing an update on current and future options for aphid monitoring.

The workshop began with a short introduction by Dr Mark Ramsden, and an interactive session gathering feedback on current techniques used for aphid monitoring in the UK.

ADAS Entomologist, Sam Telling then provided an update on research on BYDV monitoring and modelling as part of a current AHDB project, which aims to develop improved BYDV vector monitoring and decision support tools to help target cultural and chemical control. More information about this research is available on the AHDB website.

This was followed by Dr James Bell and Dr Steve Foster from Rothamsted Research reviewing the ongoing aphid forecasting technologies (e.g. from the aphid suction network), resistance monitoring and associated BYDV services.

Finally Dr Mario de Miguel Ramos from Sorex introduced a new system under development by Sorex and Rothamsted, which could revolutionize aphid detection on farms.

A recording of the 2022 aphid workshop is now available and can be accessed you complete a short survey (about 3 minutes) has been complete (a link available at the end of the survey).  The survey structure sets the scene for the following presentations, which begin at 14:20.

Link to survey and workshop recording