Farmscoper is a decision support tool, originally developed by ADAS in 2010 with Defra funding to facilitate the analysis of the impacts of government policy on diffuse agricultural pollution. The tool predicts losses of multiple pollutants and the costs and benefits of mitigation methods, at both farm and catchment scale.

Since its release, the tool has been used by a wide range of organisations for different purposes such as appraising the impacts of agri-environment and catchment management schemes and helping determine nutrient neutrality for housing developments.

Introducing Farmscoper Version 5

The Environment Agency and Defra have recently funded an update to Farmscoper, to ensure it is using the latest available datasets and approaches, so that the outputs are as robust as possible.

The key changes in Farmscoper V5 include:

  • The use of 1981-2010 climate data and recent information on the timing of manure and fertiliser applications in the pollutant loss calculations
  • Incorporation of methodological updates from the latest UK Agricultural Ammonia and GHG Inventory
  • The default information included within the tool for catchment scale applications is now derived from 2019 June Agricultural Survey and British Survey of Fertiliser Practice data.
  • Users are now able to specify surface runoff connectivity and soil phosphorus indices.

The latest version of Farmscoper can be downloaded for free from the Farmscoper webpage.