ADAS has again correctly identified 100% of blinded eDNA samples in 2021 Great Crested Newt eDNA proficiency testing – one of six labs to do so in this current round of testing.

The proficiency testing scheme has been developed to provide evidence of the level of quality in the service offered by the different eDNA testing labs.

For underperforming labs, this provides them with an opportunity to recognise and address any problems with their procedures so that they can improve their service.

For ecologists using eDNA as a survey tool, it allows them to compare the services offered by each testing lab and the opportunity to discuss with their eDNA analysis supplier how they performed.

Our 2021 results

This latest round comprised ten different unknown samples to analyse. Labs provided their own eDNA kits so that any level of sample degradation/recovery could also be monitored.

This year, for the first time in eDNA proficiency testing, all six laboratories correctly identified all samples (compared to five out of eight labs in 2018two out of nine labs in 2019, and six out of eight labs in 2020).

ADAS 2021 Results

FAPAS, who oversees the proficiency testing scheme, score results as ‘satisfactory’ if both the PCR result is correct and whether inhibition or not is recorded as expected. We do not know the identity of the other five labs that took part.