Do you have a problem with cabbage stem flea beetle and want to play an active role in combatting this pest?

As part of the AHDB and industry-funded project ‘Reducing the impact of CSFB on OSR in the UK‘, we are looking for sites with a history of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (CSFB) problems to host four trials this summer.  If you are interested in advancing our knowledge of how to combat CSFB and could help by hosting one of these, please contact and

The four trials are:

  1. Companion crops (needs a crop sown between mid-August and early September)
  2. Stubble lengths (needs a crop sown between mid-August and early September)
  3. Organic amendments (e.g. slurry/chicken manure; needs a crop sown between mid-August and early September)
  4. Seed rates (needs a crop sown in July or early August)

We can provide companion crop seed and potentially provide a suitable variety for early drilling (for the seed rate trial).  As a host farmer, you would need to apply the treatments (e.g. drill the companion crops) and harvest the trial.  Additionally, you would also need to provide yield maps at harvest. Throughout the trial, ADAS staff will visit the site to take measurements of how your crop progressing, and share the study findings with you.





We would be particularly interested if you are within 1 hour drive from one of our ADAS sites:

  • ADAS Boxworth (Cambridgeshire; CB23 4NN)
  • ADAS Terrington (Norfolk; PE34 5HZ)
  • ADAS High Mowthorpe (North Yorkshire; YO17 8BP)
  • ADAS Gleadthorpe (Nottinghamshire; NG20 9PD)
  • ADAS Rosemaund (Herefordshire; HR1 3PG)
  • ADAS Starcross (Devon EX68PF)