Are you a sheep farmer achieving good animal welfare? If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you!

We are looking for sheep farmers to take part in a Defra-funded research project to inform the development of a future voluntary scheme to financially support farmers in delivering good animal welfare.

In particular, we are looking for sheep farmers who are:

  • Achieving low levels of lamb and/or ewe mortality
  • Achieving low levels of lameness
  • Achieving good body condition for ewes (low levels of thin ewes)
  • Rearing uncastrated and/or non-docked lambs
  • Providing prolonged pain relief for castration and/or tail docking (i.e. NSAID’s)

We’re also looking for the views of poultrypigdairy and beef farmers.

What is involved?

Project participants will need to fill out an online survey about their farming system and welfare enhancements. Once the survey is complete, a follow up call will be arranged with a researcher to discuss the costs and welfare benefits in more detail.

Farmers will be paid £100 for taking part to compensate for their time.

Farmers will need to provide welfare, performance and cost records and be willing to discuss their experience of implementing higher welfare enhancements.

If you or someone you know is achieving one or more of the above welfare enhancements, then please contact our livestock consultant Hannah Baldwin or call 07785 708545 to register your interest.

All data collected will remain strictly confidential and any farms that take part will not be identifiable in the results.