Project Background

ADAS was commissioned on behalf of a farmer at Brynwgan Farm to assess the feasibility for a farm diversification scheme resulting in the preparation, submission and co-ordination of a planning application for a 250kW on-farm Anaerobic Digester (AD) in North Wales.

The system produces renewable energy from waste generated at the farm, with electricity re-invested back in to the National Grid system and surplus heat is used on the farm. The digestate produced is also used as fertiliser for spreading on land at the farm and neighbouring land.

The site of the approved AD is located within a farmstead and is in close proximity to a woodland of national and European ecological importance, designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and Special Areas of Conservation.

Actions taken

In obtaining planning permission, the expertise of the planning team ensured that the application contained the appropriate evidence to demonstrate that there would be no significant impacts on the designated woodland nearby as well as the amenity of adjacent properties as a result of air quality and noise.

The planning team also ensured the layout and operation of the AD unit were designed in accordance with the restrictions laid out in the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 to ensure the scheme would obtain the correct permits.


Using ADAS’ in-house technical expertise, any concerns were alleviated with the provision of additional information and an effective case for the development was made to the Local Planning Authority. The scheme was granted planning permission in July 2015.

Contact for more information

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