Project Background

The ADAS Planning Team successfully secured outline planning permission for 29 new dwellings in Tytherington, a village in South Gloucestershire, subject to the agreement of Section 106.

The site consists of a mixture of previously developed land and arable fields. Within close proximity is Tytherington Conservation Area and a grade II Listed Building Old Manor House.

Currently, South Gloucestershire Council is unable to demonstrate a five-year land supply after action by the planning inspectorate. Therefore, applications in most instances should be balanced towards the National Planning Policy Framework. Where there is the presumption in favour of sustainable development at the heart of the policy framework.

Actions taken

With our support, the application overcame concerns raised by the Council and stakeholders in regards to the design, impact on the Listed Buildings and Conservation Area, highways, drainage and areas of best and most versatile agricultural land.

Working closely with our client Caddick and the local planning authority, we were able to successfully demonstrate that the site would meet the criteria of sustainable development, contribute to the housing supply and respect the rural character of Tytherington village.


The application will lead to a well-planned and high quality designed development. The incorporation of green infrastructure and open space will have a positive impact on increasing biodiversity within the site whilst also preserving the settings of listed buildings and enhancing a Conservation Area.

Through changes to the scheme’s layout coupled with the incorporation of high quality materials, open space and design, it allows the proposal to contribute significantly to enhancing the character of the village.

ADAS Planning Gloucestershire development masterplan design

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