Project Background

ADAS was commissioned by South West Trains to undertake ecological assessments of eight railway station car parks, as part of their agreement with the department of transport to deliver 1400 car parking spaces 18 months.

A preliminary ecological assessments at Andover train station recorded a small area of rough grassland and scrub habitat which provided potentially suitable habitat for common reptile species. A plan of action was formed in which vegetation was reduced, reptile fencing erected, hibernacula created and reptiles translocated to a new home cross the tracks.

A lot of effort and money for a couple of reptiles?

In fact, a total of 76 slow worms and 2 common Lizards, plus numerous other species such as Common Toad, Common Frog, smooth Newt and Hedgehogs were translocated from the site.

And how big exactly was the reptile habitat? Imagine a football field, halve it, halve it again… and then halve it again!

76 Slow-worms were found in an area the size of an eighth of a football pitch or0.15 hectares. And if you don’t know anything about football, that’s about five tennis courts – a very small area for such a large population of Slow-worms!

Following the translocation, the habitat in the car park was destructively searched, during which, just a single juvenile Slow-worm was found. This is an indication that the translocation was successful in removing the majority of the population from the site.

South West Trains considered potential ecological constraints well in advance , even though this site had such a small suitable area. This forward thinking means that they are now able to deliver on their promise of increased car parking.

“Thanks to the proactive and flexible approach adopted by ADAS, the identification and rectification of issues pertaining to Ecology at Andover, and seven other sites, was swift and efficient. It is not the first time SWT have worked with ADAS or likely to be the last.” – Andy Mundy, Project Manager South West Trains.

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