The site had a long history of ecological surveys undertaken by third parties and had significant interlinking constraints from archaeology, asbestos and contaminated land. Previous surveys identified multiple bat roosts on the site however the surveys varied widely in quality and therefore results.


ADAS carried out a complete suite of surveys across the proposed site. During these Brown Long-eared Bats, Soprano and Common Pipistrelle Bats roosts were identified in five buildings. ADAS ecologists also found nesting birds and a population of common lizard.
The exact nature and size of the bat roosts were identified through the survey work and ADAS agreed suitable mitigation in the form of the construction of a bespoke barn for bats onsite. As contaminated land, remediation works prior to construction would compromise the Common lizard population, so ADAS also negotiated a suitable offsite receptor site to translocate reptiles to during development.


Planning Permission was granted for the erection of the bat barn to main site works taking place, The barn was erected and was found to support bats within the first two weeks of completion. Common lizard were translocated offsite to the receptor wildlife site and ADAS worked closely with demolition contractors to exclude bats from the existing site buildings.
Linden Homes were able to start onsite with no further ecological constraints and with small residual impacts satisfied by simple additional site enhancements for wildlife resulting in a viable site to develop but also maximising benefits to wildlife.

ADAS worked closely with our contractors offering pragmatic and effective mitigation for the ecology on site.” Tony Chapman – Senior Technical Co-ordinator, Linden Homes

This project is a prime example of working together with the client and third parties to achieve results for all stakeholders. The fact that the mitigation barn supported bats within the first two weeks of completion shows what a massive success the project was for ecology and enabling a derelict sawmill to be redeveloped to invigorate the local area.” Principal Ecology Consultant, ADAS

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