Project background

As farmers are looking closely at their income streams in light of Brexit, many are considering diversification. Small scale dairy processing is an obvious choice for those farming close to chimney pots and can engage directly with consumers.

Emma, her husband and her children recently moved to South Wales and purchased a grassland unit in need of a lot of investment and refurbishment. They are part of a family business based in South East England, which has successfully diversified into tourism and recreation outlets. As such, the family had plenty of experience in developing new enterprises alongside the farm business.

The farm has a high yielding herd of 200 dairy cows, 240 north country mules and produces a small area of arable. The family have two children that wish to come back to the farm. Their son has just completed an agriculture degree and is keen to go into farm management.

Actions taken

With our experience with grant applications in Wales, our consultants were able to provide:

  • A business plan for the farm to ensure that the investment was viable and identify how and when other essential investment could be funded
  • Support to complete the grant application form and write the application
  • A three-year cash flow and supporting documents as required for the grant and also for the lender who was providing the match funding
  • Comment on enterprise performance and areas in need of improvement
  • Advise on marketing and branding of milk products


Emma started retailing milk directly to the public not long after the family moved to Wales. Their “green top” milk is sold both locally and online. Trade has developed gradually. The diversified enterprise has given the opportunity to create jobs for both children within the farm.

“It was great to have help from someone who understood all the terminology and language used within a grant application and guide us through the process”

Contact for more information

To learn more, contact Cate Barrow, or visit our Farm Business Consultancy webpage.