Project background

Manchester is currently facing a boom in economic growth as the focal point of the Northern Powerhouse and sees an expansion of existing facilities, services and amenities as being core to the continued growth in its success in attracting inward investment from businesses. To support this continued growth the provision of new high-quality homes for new residents and communities is imperative. New residents and communities will also bring increased spending power within the local economy.

The building at Mason Street lies within one of the most exciting and vibrant districts of Manchester. Like many of the properties within the area of New Cross, the property was first built in the 20th Century for industrial uses.

The Manchester City Council Local Plan is currently in favour of delivering more city centre-based dwellings, particularly if they support the re-use of buildings which support the renewal of areas characterised by existing buildings requiring refurbishment or rebuilding works.

Actions taken

While the Local Plan in principle supports the change of use and renewal of properties such as the approved scheme at Mason Street, there were still significant hurdles to overcome. A Neighbourhood Development Framework (NDF) for New Cross has been prepared to guide future development in the area.

The NDF argued that more family homes should be developed in this area rather than the re-use of the property for professional flats. The ADAS Planning Team successfully argued that demolition of the property would be contrary to planning policy and viability testing indicated that strict implementation of the policies within the NDF could render development in the area unviable.

Our in house transport team were able to alleviate the council’s concerns surrounding car parking. Through a transport assessment the team were able to demonstrate that the sites location would benefit primarily from sustainable forms of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport use. Therefore, the provision of onsite car parking was overcome as well as a net result in the proposal.


The approved application will contribute to the remarkable transformation of Manchester City Centre. By re-using the existing built fabric and creating a place for new communities this will further support the continual growth of the city.

The ADAS Planning team have been able to provide a successful outcome for the client and continue to work on a number of projects based in Manchester and other cities across the country.

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