ADAS was commissioned by Rushmoor Borough Council to undertake a terrestrial and freshwater habitat survey and produce an action plan for Brickfields Country Park. This supports the government’s “Biodiversity 2020” strategy, which aims to provide better space for wildlife and people by halting biodiversity loss, supporting healthy ecosystems and establishing ecological networks.

The habitat surveys, which included a macrophyte survey and pollution walkover recorded approximately 100 flowering plant species and 25 different species of tree. Over time, a variety of protected animals have also been recorded within or near to the park, but generally species numbers and diversity have been in decline along with the deterioration of one of the park’s main attractions – the small lake. Following the ecology surveys, a freshwater and terrestrial habitat action plan was formulated.

Recommendations included:

  • The excavation and re-vegetation of the lake;
  • Attractive bank stabilisation in the form of willow spilling;
  • The installation of a variety of bird and bat boxes, invertebrate  houses, log piles and dead wood;
  • A planting plan for a wildflower meadow;
  • Measures to increase public awareness and engagement

In addition to the ecology work, ADAS is currently engaged in undertaking pollution analysis of the water and sediment in the lake to inform future stages of the project. Once this and the measures from the action plan are put in place, the overall biodiversity and abundance of wildlife at this small country park in Aldershot will increase, thereby greatly enhancing a wildlife haven in this otherwise urban environment.

Rushmoor Borough Council said “The council and The Friends of Brickfields wanted to better understand the existing habitat value and ensure that future tasks contribute towards improved biodiversity. The study undertaken by ADAS provides this and will also provide justification when seeking funding”.

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