National Vegetation Classification Survey of Eling Great Marsh, Hampshire

In July 2017, ADAS was commissioned to carry out a detailed botanical NVC survey in an area of Eling Great Marsh, Totten, Hampshire. The survey was in relation to the foundation repair works on two 132kV towers to protect them from coastal erosion. As part of the proposal, a section of temporary trackway was to be laid on existing salt marsh for a period of three months. The site is of international importance as it is within the Solent and Southampton Water Ramsar/SPA, Solent Maritime SAC and Eling and Bury Marshes SSI.

The salt marsh habitat and intertidal mudflats are a primary reason for designation of the Solent Maritime SAC. The salt marsh habitat along the edges of the existing causeway and along the route of the temporary trackway, was found to comprise a mix of Phragmites australis, locally abundant Elytrigia atherica, Puccinella maritima, Aster tripolium, Triglochin maritimum and occasional Plantago maritima.

Other species found more rarely included Glaux maritima, Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima and Bolboschoenus maritimus. The south-western side of the track was wetter with locally abundant patches of Atriplex portulacoides and frequent Limonium valgare. Spartina anglica was found to be occasional. ADAS botanists provided detailed mitigation and avoidance measures after carrying out a thorough NVC survey.

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