Project Background

Following a competitive tendering process, we were awarded the contract to undertake the restoration of a 750m reach of the Hammer Stream in Ayleswade Farm, Kent. The Hammer Stream forms part of the Beault catchment and is managed by the Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board.

The channel through Ayleswade Farm had been managed for land drainage and flood defence, with years of clearance and dredging resulting in a deeply incised channel, with vertical banks and an almost complete disconnection from the flood plain, in all but high flow conditions.

Our Works

  • Modifying the existing channel cross-section to create a two stage channel
  • Re-grading the channel banks to create a minimum of a 1:3 slope
  • Re-meandering the channel to help increase morphological and flow diversity
  • Narrowing the channel using the excavated material to create low-level margins and berms
  • Supply, installation and construction of 4x10m riffles at strategic locations along the river channel
  • Supplying and installing of a replacement 900mm culvert crossing


  • Our works helped to successfully narrow the channel and significantly increase in-channel velocity and diversity in flows.
  • Fish spawning habitat was increased.
  • Due to the increase in channel capacities, there has been an increase in water holding capacity, helping to reduce the likelihood of flood events further downstream.

“We are delighted with the work that RSK Habitat Management has undertaken. Despite difficult ground conditions, they have produced work to a high standard and have promptly dealt with any issues as they have arisen. I would not hesitate to use them again on other projects.” – Louise Smith, Community Liaison & Programme officer, Kent County Council

Contact for more information

To learn more, contact Dan Thomas, Managing Director of RSK Habitat Management at or call 07467 482 394.

River restoration
River restoration