The ADAS Planning team was commissioned on behalf of Novus Energy to co-ordinate and manage the public consultation for developing a 10 MW Solar Park in Nottinghamshire.

Project Background

The ADAS Planning Team successfully secured outline planning permission for 29 new dwellings in Tytherington, a village in South Gloucestershire, subject to the agreement of Section 106.

The site consists of a mixture of previously developed land and arable fields. Within close proximity is Tytherington Conservation Area and a grade II Listed Building Old Manor House.

Currently, South Gloucestershire Council is unable to demonstrate a five-year land supply after action by the planning inspectorate. Therefore, applications in most instances should be balanced towards the National Planning Policy Framework. Where there is the presumption in favour of sustainable development at the heart of the policy framework.

Actions taken

ADAS planning consultants started engagement at the earliest opportunity and undertook pre-application consultation with local
residents and Parish Councils. This included a public exhibition which included organising the venue, mail out data, invitations, design and printing of consultation boards and feedback forms.

We also produced a Statement of Community Engagement Report, providing details of the communities feedback and supplement the Planning Application. Our consultants also attended Parish Council meetings to present the scheme to Misson Parish Council.


The feedback was positive towards developing renewable energy at this site. Using feedback from the events, ADAS worked proactively with Novus to tailor the proposals. The application received approval under delegated powers.

The ADAS planning team have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of development in the political arena. We help to advise our clients in shaping community consultation so that we can reach out to all members of the community and identify flexible and positive solutions to deal with any outstanding concerns.

Contact for more information

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