ADAS Digital encompasses the way in which we use digital data and digital technology to deliver solutions in crop production, sustainable food and farming, land management and ecology to our clients.

By applying digital technology to challenges in the environmental, agricultural and rural sectors, we deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions in strategic and policy advice, research and development.

Our digital services include:

Data Capture

Development of bespoke, innovative methods for quickly assessing and recording environmental conditions in the field using digital technology.

Remote Sensing

Provision and analysis of satellite images, aerial photography, and additional landscape surveillance data such as LiDAR.

Data Management

Collation and management of data using a range of software solutions, to provide accessible, secure databases.

Data Analysis 

Analysis and interpretation of data using a combination of expert knowledge of the science, and statistical methods to identify relationships and trends that can then be applied to algorithm development.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Data visualisation, spatial data manipulation and processing, spatial data management and cartographic output. We also offer bespoke GIS solutions to our clients.

Environmental Modelling

Employment and development of existing and new models to assist the understanding and prediction of environmental scenarios.

Software Design and Decision Support Tools

Design and installation of software tools based on digital platforms, including websites and mobile devices. We have experience of creating tools for tablets and Toughbooks, as well as mobile phone apps.

How we apply digital technology


We combine our expertise in crop science, soil science and digital technology to produce innovative services and products that improve yields and business practices. Examples include: Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), WheatScan, Irriguide, Agronomics.

Livestock Management

Our team of livestock consultants have expertise across a range of livestock species including pigs, poultry, cattle and sheep. We combine these skills with experts in algorithm development, modelling, decision support tool development and animal health research to provide innovative solutions using digital technology. Examples include: Hennovation, PLANET Nutrition Management

Field, Farm and Catchment Management

We use model outputs alongside knowledge of the effects of various mitigation options to build tools that identify the most effective methods to reduce soil, water and air pollutants at source. Examples include: Farmscoper

Supply Chain Management

We produce both risk assessment models and environmental impact assessment models. Risk assessment models enable the identification of resource processes that are inefficient or vulnerable to change. Examples include: EAgRET, Reducing supply chain Greenhouse Gas emissions

Vegetation Management

Our consultants work with developers and utility companies, providing innovative data capture and data management solutions to large scale vegetation management challenges. Examples include: LiDAR surveys, SSE Reports Portal

Planning and Development

By applying skills in innovative data capture methods, GIS, modelling and software tools, we offer innovative solutions that support sustainable development whilst also protecting the environment. Examples include: Participatory GIS, Urban Tree Strategy, Air Quality

More information

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