ADAS Natural Solutions

Unlocking Nature’s Potential

What are Natural Solutions?

Nature is our ally and can help us solve many of the challenges we face today. Climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss now threaten our existence, affecting our health, economic and social wellbeing. Natural Solutions are actions to create, restore, protect and manage ecosystems, enabling an integrated approach to sustainable and resilient development. They result in multiple benefits for environment and society, and can help transform and diversify your business.

Thanks to the extensive range and depth of our experience, ADAS is uniquely placed to deliver holistic, practical and cost-effective solutions that meet your bespoke needs. Your dedicated project manager will guide your project from start to finish to make the process as efficient as possible.

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What are your needs?

ADAS Natural Solutions brings together a range of in-house services to deliver a bespoke solution that fits your unique requirements. This could be achieving carbon net zero, biodiversity net gain or sustainability KPI’s.

This may also include:

  • providing a long-term strategy to deliver the best results and reduce risks through a robust scientific evidence base
  • advising on more sustainable land management, either your own or within your supply chain
  • finding and securing land or partners with land to restore ecosystem functions or enhance nature
  • accessing funding for the best nature-based solution for your land
  • designing and creating or restoring habitats, such as peatland, wetland, grassland or coastal restoration or woodland creation.  
  • managing, monitoring and reporting on your natural solutions and their benefits
  • ensuring a holistic approach with stakeholders and the landscape
  • exploring associated development opportunities for a sustainable income to enable long-term protection of the solution.

What we can do



Clarify context and set goals

Identify stakeholders

Establish funding options


Understand specific challenges

Link to policy targets

Identify issues and opportunities


Identify suitable spatial locations

Design appropriate solutions

Engage local stakeholders

Define indicators


Compare options

Develop plans to implement, manage and monitor


Coordinate resource

Implement solutions

Manage and maintain


Monitor effectiveness

Evaluate impact

Why ADAS Natural Solutions?

The ADAS Natural Solutions team consists of specialists in:

  • climate change
  • the environment
  • biodiversity net gain
  • natural capital
  • habitat creation and restoration
  • mapping and modelling
  • land acquisitions and management
  • agriculture (including regenerative)
  • planning and development

We have policy advisers, data scientists, strategists, negotiators, managers and on-site practical advisers. It is this unique combination of range and depth of interconnected expertise that can help you deliver practical enhancements of ecosystems to protect and increase the sustainability of your business.

All these different disciplines will be delivered by one dedicated project manager to deliver a bespoke solution to best fit your needs, making the process as efficient as possible.

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