Agriculture Bill 2019-2020

The Agriculture Bill is a landmark piece of legislation that will have a significant impact on UK agriculture and food supply chains when it is approved by the British Parliament in 2020.

The Agriculture Bill will fundamentally change direct payments to farming and instead payments will only be made on the basis of the provision of public goods which are aimed at protecting and enhancing the environmental impact of food production. The Agriculture Bill is focused on sustainability, with particular emphasis on soil health, biodiversity, flood protection, plant and animal welfare, cultural heritage and public access to the countryside. In addition to the sustainability focus, the Agriculture Bill also sets out new provisions for clarity across the supply chain to ensure fair competition and this may also have a profound impact on food production supply chains.

ADAS are following the legislative journey very closely so that we can support the food production sector to ensure that it is well placed to benefit from a post-Brexit Britain.

There are risks and opportunities to business across the food production supply chain. Some businesses may be at risk of failure with the withdrawal of the current payment models whilst others will be well placed to benefit from the changes and will thrive. It is certain that food production and the British countryside will look very different in the next 5-10 years.

There are many short term challenges that businesses will face around understanding what needs to be done to secure payments at the farm level to understanding the impact on the food supply chain at the food retail, brand and manufacturer level. To build a resilient food and farming sector all businesses across the production supply chain need to start planning now.

ADAS provides support across the food production supply chain and can undertake independent analysis to understand the risks, exposure, impacts and opportunities to your business and provide advice on the best options to make the most of the Agriculture Bill.

Examples of support we can offer you:

  • Farm-level resilience modelling analysis
  • Farm-level review of current practices and planning for future viability
  • Food producer supply chain risk modelling
  • Food producer sustainability strategy re-alignment

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