Agronomics isn’t simply a project, it’s a new route to agricultural progress.

Now farmers have precision technologies, we believe that progress in agriculture will come fastest if farmers with ideas or questions work together in networks, supported by advisors, researchers and industry to:

  • Share explanations and understanding,
  • Compare the most telling metrics,
  • Pose common questions and
  • Collaborate in trustworthy tests.


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Farmer-centric research

We are forming and supporting networks of farmers to address farm-specific questions with precision farming technologies, remote sensing and modern data sharing. Whether you are a farmer, a farming supporter or a researcher, we invite you to help build this exciting farmer-centric way of learning and energising progress.

Agronomics offers to transform knowledge generation and exchange in agriculture. We aim to combine the current science-driven model with extensive farm-driven intelligence.

By comparing data from observations and experiments by multiple farmers, performance on-farm can become increasingly measured, understood, predicted and controlled at field scale.

Agronomics explained

Using bespoke software for data processing and statistical analysis, ADAS Agronomics is the leading system internationally for analysis and reporting of precision data to answer agronomic questions at field-scale.

ADAS offers comprehensive split field and tramline trial guidance and services tailored to the research question and the levels of client involvement, confidentiality and dissemination required. Good tramline tests can ‘prove’ grain yield effects as small as 0.1 t/ha.

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How can ADAS Agronomics help you and your business?

Agronomics has multiple benefits for a range of farm stakeholders

Farmers can become more certain about how best to farm their land and check whether new ideas or inputs are paying off.

For advisors, your clients can now test the uncertain elements of your advice, so you can both learn together. Farm trials need care, so farmers will need your help to provide confident answers.

Agronomics can even help the farm service industry demonstrate on-farm products and services supplied, and provide proof on what works best.

By forming ‘clubs’ that generate their own evidence, product manufacturers can both demonstrate product confidence and build a better dialogue with their customers.

In addition to existing roles in crop management, precision farming suppliers can increase the value of products and services through agronomic testing.

For researchers, a new exciting arena of science is opening up, where your ideas can be tested robustly ‘at the coal face’ – providing clear proof of research impact – and in particular, soil effects become testable with big datasets.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Daniel Kindred.