The ADAS Climate and Sustainability team help clients to address their sustainability challenges.

We work alongside farmers whilst engaging with global food and drink businesses. Our agricultural background gives us the unique ability to work across all stages of the supply chain.

We make full use of our world-leading agricultural and environmental technical experts. Our bespoke solutions backed by evidence-based research, allow clients to address their most pressing sustainability challenges.

As a multi-disciplinary team, we have a strong practical understanding of agricultural production, combined with expertise in a host of sustainability challenges.

Our services

What we can offer

For all the above sustainability challenges, we offer a range of measurement, analysis, strategy and communication services.

Measuring and monitoring to collect information about a supply chain

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We can collect qualitative and quantitative data to help you understand your agricultural value chain. By establishing where the key issues are, we can identify areas for improvement. This will also enable you to create baselines for action against which to measure your future progress. Specialist areas include:

  • The measurement of carbon and water footprints
  • Assessment of volumes of forest risk products in the supply chain

Communicating sustainability messages to all stakeholders

A supply chain contains many stakeholders, from farmers through to consumers.  We are well placed to support you in communicating sustainability messages effectively to all parts of your supply chain. This could include:

  • Best practice production approaches to farmers
  • Clarification of sustainability issues to consumers
  • Creating understanding within your own organisation

We will support you on external reporting so that you can rest assured that your messages and disclosures are accurate.

Developing sustainability strategies to meet business needs

There is increasing pressure to act. We help you to create and update your sustainability strategies so they meet current and future business challenges. This will also help you identify future business opportunities. By using a science-based approach, we can help you set targets and goals that are realistic and achievable.


We will support you on external reporting so that you can rest assured that your messages, filings and disclosures are accurately deployed. We work with qualitative and quantitative data to help companies understand their supply chains. A range of bespoke analysis and modelling approaches is available to turn data into solutions.

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