Our scientists help evidence and guide crop disease management by chemical, genetic and biological approaches. Our expertise covers all areas of disease management on the major crops. We lead multi-organisation collaborative research into disease management and preventation, as well as provide strategic consultancy.

A key feature of pathology is an understanding of practical disease management with an appreciation of the wider implications within agriculture, the environment and the food chain. Our approach combines an understanding of disease biology with plant physiology to ensure effective protection of arable crops.

Our expertise

Assessing and interpreting complex information in relation to the wider context provides us with a unique edge.  This knowledge, along with our links across all areas of crop protection, agronomy and farming systems, allows us to provide targeted solutions to suit any client need.

We work for levy boards, government and industry organisations, often in collaboration with partner organisations and institutions.  Our role stretches beyond scientific research. We are able to bridge the gap between applied research and the agricultural industry by transferring knowledge to ensure that the industry benefits from the results of research.

Crop trial services

We can offer

  • Glasshouse and small compartment studies
  • Controlled environment studies
  • Laboratory studies and experiments

Trial packages include trial design and delivery, data collection and analysis, and impartial result reporting. Our extensive track record working on hundreds of field trials across the country means our clients can trust that our trials adhere to strict protocols and have full traceability. Trials are carried out to ORETO (Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing) standards.

Services can include:

  • Experimental design
  • Phenotyping
  • Product testing – including fertilisers, growing media, and crop protection.
  • Resistance testing

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