We are experts in crop nutrient management. We work with our clients to deliver resource-efficient and profitable crop production systems throughout the UK.

Our team of FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified researchers and advisers have expertise in nutrient management for all arable, field and protected horticulture, and grassland crop production systems. Our field-based research on macro (e.g. nitrogen, phosphate, potash, sulphur and magnesium) and micro nutrient supply continues to influence industry-standard fertiliser recommendations (e.g. AHDB Nutrient Management Guide RB209, SRUC Technical Notes, etc.) and associated software systems (e.g PLANET, MANNER-NPK etc.).

Nutrient Management

Resource-efficient nutrient management is key to meeting the challenges of sustainable intensification.

We are at the forefront of innovation and are working closely with government, levy boards and industry clients to increase nutrient use efficiency and crop yields. Through our research, we strive to enhance crop productivity whilst minimising the environmental impacts of production.

Our scientists are able to advise on improving nutrient (macro and micro) use efficiency and the use of organic material nutrients (e.g. livestock manures, biosolids, compost, digestate, paper crumble etc.).  Our research expertise includes fertiliser use efficiency (e.g. urease and nitrification inhibitors; slow-release products etc.) including the development of innovative treatment practices. This can cover the integrated use of organic materials and manufactured fertilisers and controlled release fertilisers, liquid feeding and foliar feeding; soil and substrate media.

We can advise growers on legislative requirements to minimise nutrient losses to the environment and crop contamination. Our advice can be more practical and cover nutrient management plans, manure management plans, crop quality and regulatory compliance.

If you have crop nutrient-related disorders, we can help with diagnoses and treatment recommendations.

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