The ADAS Digital team provides a range of digital data management options to suit the complexity and nature of the data and the needs of our clients. Our understanding of the data enables us to perform robust analyses and manipulations using statistical software and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Whether collected by our field staff or sourced from third-parties, the full value can only be gained from data when it is appropriately managed, analysed and presented. It is important to understand the science behind the data, the purpose of its collection, and the intended end-user.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of sourcing, collating, and integrating digital datasets for dissemination, analysis and modelling for government and corporate clients. This includes a detailed understanding of the data that are available in terms of applicability, precision and uncertainty. We also have a full appreciation of the various needs of our clients in terms of data access and interpretation.


We utilise the full suite of ESRI GIS software on PC platforms and are part of the ESRI Developer Network. We also operate within the open-source environment to make our GIS solutions even more cost-effective.

Data Analysis

Data management

Our service includes the creation of datasets and spatial data layers, information audits and data collation.  This includes the identification of errors and anomalies. We can carry out database design and web-based data management, general management of ‘big data’.

Data analysis

Multivariate statistical techniques, spatial statistical analysis, error propagation and risk analysis. Analysis of ‘big data’ including remotely sensed data and meta-analysis.

Algorithm development

Using our scientific knowledge to identify and understand trends and relationships in data and producing formulae to describe environmental processes and interactions.

GIS analysis

Spatial analysis of datasets and mapped outputs to assist decision making. Our services can include site selection studies and constraints analysis, spatial planning and risk mapping. We can also provide network analysis and route optimisation tools.

Cartographic Services

Provision of high quality mapped outputs and the digital capture of spatial data. Scanning, digitising, aerial photography.

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