We provide the hardware, software and expertise for the digital capture of field data, enabling measurements and observations to be recorded efficiently and accurately.

Availability and reliability of the data underlying environmental management support tools is essential, whether it is collected directly on the ground or using remote sensing technology. We have teams of field staff across the UK collecting data digitally on hand-held or tractor-mounted devices from a diverse range of ecosystems every year, used for a range of research and consultancy projects.

We have a depth of experience in data collection and validation in every ecosystem, including upland and lowland farming, woodland, river systems, lakes, urban and coastal.

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing technology can provide a cost-effective method for quickly assessing trends across much larger areas. In agriculture, remote sensing can identify a range of factors associated with crop production, such as soil condition, and water drainage issues.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are also used to remotely collect field data, providing more targeted field assessments.

Data Collection

Digital data collection using hand-held devices

Choice of suitable hardware, and development of bespoke data capture tools to ensure efficiency, completeness and accuracy when collecting data in the field.

Data collection using sensors

Development, testing, and calibration of sensors (e.g. Nitrogen sensors) for use in precision farming and yield enhancement applications.

Data collection using UAVs

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used for scanning larger areas to produce valuable cost-effective data for crop management and archaeology.

Remote sensing data sourcing and manipulation

Sourcing of suitable satellite and aerial photography imagery for the correct time periods and locations, and calculation of relevant metrics using remote sensing software.

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