We are a leading provider of independent scientific research in crop protection, crop physiology, and soil management. We combine our expertise in crop and soil science with digital technology to produce innovative services and products that improve business practices and help increase yields. This helps drive safe and secure food supplies and contributes to a sustainable and resilient industry.

Cloud data platforms enable real-time data capture and automatic crop management based on detailed research-based algorithms.  Using big data archives and in-field data collection, we are developing innovative science-based technologies for farmers and agronomists.

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System development

Decision support and web based tools

We have produced a range of systems that apply crop production knowledge to practical farm management through decision support tools, downloadable software and web-based tools.

Our research scientists are working with collaborators around the world to develop innovative methods for assessing crops in the field using handheld devices, tractor-mounted hardware, or remote sensing technology.  These novel methods enable growers to automatically apply appropriate management, such as spot-treating patches of weeds or varying Nitrogen applications.

Examples of our work

Yield Enhancement Network (YEN)

The YEN connects agricultural organisations and farmers striving to improve crop yields. Soil and weather data are combined to estimate biophysical yield potential, and compared to achieved yields & crop data to better understand how yield improvements can be made.


ADAS recognises the power of working with farmers and with precision technologies to establish spatial experiments to answer questions relevant on-farm. Agronomics is developing the techniques, equipment, protocols, statistics, data processing, informatics, software, website and research infrastructure required to support line trials & geotrials.


ADAS worked with the University of Manchester, Sainsbury’s and Camgrain to deploy low-cost multi-spectral imaging technology to develop calibrations for wheat nitrogen content in the field, enabling farmers to predict whether grain quality will be achieved and whether late nitrogen applications are required.

Crop Intelligence System

ADAS is leading Innovate UK feasibility studies to assess whether satellite imagery can be used to generate canopy curves for arable and grass crops in every field. When integrated with soil and weather data this provide a ‘dashboard’ for crop growth, resource availability and light capture to enable improved crop management.


ADAS was a partner in this EU Horizon 2020 project to develop a platform to integrate satellite data from various sensors into a continuous stream of fully characterized land surface parameters, useful in crop monitoring and modelling.

Sclerotinia monitoring in oilseed rape

ADAS has worked with BASF to develop a number of online tools to help inform growers on disease risks. These tools, made possible by algorithms developed by ADAS, allow disease risks to be assessed using information from long term studies as well as field-specific data.

Auto-N and Precision application of Nitrogen fertiliser and Plant Growth regulators

Working with partners to develop automated N fertiliser and PGR management approaches by integrating canopy sensing and yield mapping.

For more information, contact Dr Daniel Kindred at daniel.kindred@adas.co.uk