We have a long track record in applying scientific methods to address practical ecological issues for a wide range of clients. These include central & devolved governments, Defra, government agencies, developers, agricultural bodies, agrochemical companies and universities.

Client benefits

  • Provision of scientific evidence for decision-making
  • Demonstration of outcomes using repeatable methods
  • Potential for contributing new information into the public domain

Monitoring outcomes

Our ecologists are highly skilled and experienced in monitoring the outcomes of habitat management. This is a complex process, including project design, collection of field data, management of large ecological datasets, statistical analysis and modelling of ecological data and interpreting the outputs.

Results are presented in a range of formats, so that they are easily understood and have practical application for a range of users, from policymakers and scientists to conservation practitioners and land developers.

Policy research

Research is also carried out for government departments in support of policy development. This includes field experiments to develop and test new methods for habitat management and restoration in arable, grassland and upland landscapes. A major area of expertise is in assessing the outcomes of management practices at a national scale, for example as part of the process of evaluating the success of agri-environment schemes in benefiting biodiversity.

Research expertise

Our core skills include:

  • literature reviewing,
  • methodology development,
  • experimental design,
  • systematic field survey,
  • vegetation classification,
  • assessment of habitat condition and biodiversity value,
  • statistical analysis of ecological data,
  • knowledge transfer and scientific writing.

Our laboratories also provide specialist supporting services such as soil seed bank analysis and plant root scanning.

Research publications

ADAS research scientists have a strong publication record in international scientific journals, which are assessed by independent peer review. This is essential to give our clients confidence in the quality and validity of our work.

Our ecologists collaborate with a wide range of other ADAS scientists, including agronomists, economists, soil scientists, hydrologists, livestock scientists and GIS consultants. We also work with partners in other research organisations to complement our own expertise in specialist areas. This provides a very wide expert base to address complex issues with multiple objectives.

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