Energy cost and security of supply are increasing concerns for most businesses. Auditing and managing energy are crucial to protect profit, ensure your operation is resilient and manage risk.

The connection between energy and carbon footprint of produce is a key concern of buyers – from farm gate to retail shelf.

Taking control of the way you use energy protects your market and enables you to maintain or increase margins.

Saving costs and making money through energy production

The makeup of our power supplies has changed and there are more opportunities now to provide energy and added-value services. Considering energy as a whole you can also utilise your assets and production capabilities to make energy an income stream through informed and prudent investment.

  • Are you looking to make savings on your energy costs?
  • How concerned are you about the amount of energy you use and are you interested in ways you can change operations to save energy?
  • When should you be replacing machinery or structures and looking for more efficient ways of doing things to future proof your business?
  • What concerns do you have over the future of oil-based energy supply?
  • Are you interested in moving to renewable energy?
  • Where will you find an accredited and qualified engineer to review your process and energy to deliver your buyers supply chain audit or energy efficiency regulation compliance?

How we can help

You can answer all the above questions with help from our team of professionally qualified and experienced engineers and planning consultants. We specialise in energy management, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • ADAS is the only consultancy with specialists in all areas of farming, food and land-based industries that can be brought in to a project. We can look at all resources including fuel, water and land
  • We have consultants who have been doing this work for many years
  • Operating countrywide, our consultants provide local and national solutions.

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