Our experts publish regular technical updates on arable and horticulture crops. We are also available to deliver specialist training, talks, and workshops on a range of agriculture subjects.

Our crop-specific publications weekly during the growing season sent via email. These cover what is happening in fields across the UK now and what to look out for. Suggestions are given for actions for the coming week such as fungicide or pesticide applications. Updates on weed, pest and disease issues being reported are outlined.

You can trust our technical publications are:

  • Impartial: our advice is impartial at all times
  • Expert-led: all advice comes from our team of leading experts.
  • Farmer friendly: advice condensed into action points.
  • One-stop-shop: all the advice you need in one concise publication.
  • Up-to-the-minute: most of our advice and guidance is written by experts within two days of publication. Current weather and conditions are always taken into account.

Arable publications

Crop Action

Each week during the growing season, we produce concise, tailored advice based on current weather conditions and crop growth stages.

Areas covered in Crop Action include:

  • Weeds
  • Pests
  • Diseases
  • Crop Nutrition
  • Soil Management
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Farm Business Management
  • County-level weather data

Crop Action is available from £180+VAT per year. Contact Consultant Chloe Morgan, chloe.morgan@adas.co.uk to register.

Example of Crop Action from 2018

Outside of Crop Action, we issue two publications a year in spring and summer for arable crops.  These are more detailed, covering all our latest research into pest, disease and weed management, and crop physiology.

Vegetable publications

We publish regular grower updates that cover all major field vegetable crops as well as specialist vegetable crops at relevant times of the season.

Updates include:

  • Major field vegetable crops advice: brassicas, peas & beans, lettuce, carrots & parsnips, onions, leeks
  • Specialist vegetable crop advice including rhubarb, cucurbits, asparagus and sweetcorn at relevant times of the season.
  • Weather data
  • Pesticide news
  • News and comments
  • Forthcoming events

Contact our Horticulture team at enquiries@adas.co.uk to sign up.

Fruit notes

Up to date grower guidance for top and soft fruit including:

  • Major top and soft fruits: Apples, pears, stone fruit, strawberries and cane fruit
  • Pest and disease control
  • Pesticide updates
  • Crop culture
  • Crop nutrition
  • Pre- and post-harvest
  • Weed control
  • Forthcoming events

Contact our Horticulture team at enquiries@adas.co.uk to sign up.

Other horticulture publications

Other technical updates for Bedding and Pot Plant, and Hardy Ornamentals which cover:

  • Pest and disease report
  • Pesticide news
  • Topical articles
  • Monthly sales summary
  • News and comments
  • Forthcoming events
  • Monthly weather summary​/Irrigation review

Contact Horticulture Director Jill England at jill.england@adas.co.uk to arrange

Environment Digest

Our Climate and Sustainability team issue six publications a year. This covers all recent developments in the environmental field including:

  • Sustainable production
  • Climate change
  • Water resources
  • Soils and nutrients
  • Biodiversity

Contact Managing Director Sarah Wynn at sarah.wynn@adas.co.uk to learn more.

External publications

We produce weekly crop development reports to AHDB for cereal and oilseeds.  We also issue the data behind the AHDB harvest progress reports which give early quality and yield predictions.

Our arable team produce an annual report Pest, Disease and Weed Incidence report looking at pest, weeds and diseases affecting key arable and horticulture crops over the previous year.


We can provide training on a 1:1 or group basis. Our training can range from a basic introduction for non-specialists (e.g. water companies) to more detailed training on specialist topics. These topics include, but are not limited to: