Farmscoper is a decision support tool that can be used to assess diffuse agricultural pollutant loads on a farm and quantify the impacts of farm mitigation methods on these pollutants.

The farm systems within the tool can be customised to reflect management and environmental conditions representative of farming across England and Wales. The tool contains over 100 mitigation methods, including many of those in the latest Defra Mitigation Method User Guide.

FARMSCOPER was originally developed under Defra project WQ0106. It was expanded under Defra Project SCF0104 to include additional pollutants and two new workbooks – one providing greater detail on the costs of mitigation method implementation, the other allowing the tool to be applied at catchment to a national scale. Under Environment Agency funding, the catchment scale data has been updated to 2015, with data now included for a range of smaller spatial scales. New documentation on applying Farmscoper at smaller spatial scales is included in the installation package.

Download and installation

Farmscoper is free to download. Click here to download Farmscoper (59MB)

Installation of Farmscoper places all the files necessary to use the tool in a directory. By default this directory is: C:\Program Files\ADAS\Farmscoper4 or C:\Program Files (x86)\ADAS\Farmscoper4
An icon is not created in the Windows Start Menu or included on the desktop.

Farmscoper Frequently Asked Questions

Cautionary Note

The information supplied in the FARMSCOPER software is for guidance purposes only and is not intended to fully substitute for professional agricultural advice. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all data entered and used by FARMSCOPER, and for any commercial decisions taken based on any of the outputs of this software.