Continued pressure on the food supply chain will drive the need to increase outputs from UK horticulture.

The industry has already adopted new ways of growing, such as vertical farming and aquaponics. New technologies are emerging to help us adapt. Examples include improved artificial lighting management, hydroponics and climate management. These all present their own challenges.

ADAS is perfectly placed to provide independent solutions for these challenges.   

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Vertical Farming Systems Development

Our expertise spans the entirety of the food supply chain. We can provide product-focused system design advice for new vertical farming enterprises. Production blueprints can be developed to cover all aspects of production including:

  • light quality and intensity
  • irrigation and feed provision
  • climate management
  • crop cycling times

Technology evaluations can be done to aid new businesses in developing bespoke systems that best meet their needs. This could include the use of emerging technologies, such as photocatalytic atmosphere management.

New business development

Our business development advice can include cultivar selection, yield and productivity estimates and marketing strategy. We work with business and engineering service providers to provide a biologically-based specification for systems development to maximise the productivity of new growing ventures.

Pricing and timelines

Artificial growing environments are likely to exhibit unique combinations of challenges for production. Our experts can provide a range of consultancy support to aid the development of growing specifications. This can include a full testing and appraisal of:

  • climate conditions
  • temperature
  • light and CO2 management
  • substrate and nutrition optimisation
  • pest and disease control

Consultancy can be provided as a one-stop solution or as on-going support. Please see our agronomy service webpage for more details or contact us at to discuss your needs.