Grass and herbal leys farm network

In February 2018, ADAS, AHDB and Defra launched the Grass and herbal leys farm network. The network is a partnership between farmers, researchers and industry and provides a platform to investigate the long term impacts of leys in rotations, such as:

  • Quantifying changes in soil organic matter and soil health from introducing temporary grass/herbal leys across a range of soil types and rainfall areas.
  • Quantifying subsequent changes to soil organic matter and soil health following the destruction of the temporary grass/herbal leys and return to arable production.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of grass/herbal leys in controlling blackgrass in ‘problem’ fields.

Join the network

The network is free to join and is open to any interested individuals or organisations. If you would like to join the network please register your details through SmartSurvey and complete a short questionnaire on your use of/interest in grass/herbal leys.

Download the results from survey responses to July 2018.

Grass & herbal leys farm network privacy policy


Contact Lizzie Sagoo for more information