Our consultants provide complete grassland and forage advice service for farmers. This can range from soil preparation and seed selection through to management and harvest. We can also offer advice on preservation, and forage rationing.

Our teams of grassland and forage consultants work all across the UK. We can offer grassland monitoring and advise on appropriate fertiliser treatments. Coupled with our in-house team of weed scientists, we can assist with weed management and provide herbicide application advice.

If you have an arable system and are considering grass/herbal leys in your rotation, we can advise on what will work best. For example, how the introduction of grass/herbal leys could help with blackgrass control or low soil organic matter.

Our grassland services

Our services range from pre-planting soil management through to balancing livestock rations to forage analysis. We also carry out field scale trials for Government and private company clients for grassland and forage production.

All agronomic and environmental impacts of production are considered. Examples include disease control in forage maize and the effect of sward height on grassland birds.

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