Our landscape team have undertaken a number of Green Infrastructure (GI) studies on behalf of Natural England, the Highways Agency, Network Rail, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Oxfordshire County Council.

We have a strong track record of delivering projects with an innovative research and development component. This includes the recent development of an interactive website to record cultural values and services for Natural England.

We also have strong spatial GIS analysis capabilities which have been utilised for several GI studies including the NEWP32 Green Transport Corridor Study, Morecambe Bay Study and Nature Conservation and Recreational Opportunities in the Green Belt study.

Our Landscape team in collaboration with our Ecology team have also undertaken on-site testing of a GI methodology currently being developed by Natural England. Following testing of the methodology, we provided advice on further improvements.

ADAS has the capability to produce landscape management and action plans as provided for the Lower Windrush Valley Project for Oxfordshire District Council.  This project seeks to restore and enhance the landscape following gravel extraction.

Our landscape architects are members of the Landscape Research Group

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Contact Daniel Haigh for information on:

  • Robust and innovative research in GI and natural capital
  • Development of interactive web tools such as Participatory GIS
  • Development of methodologies to assess GI
  • Spatial GIS analysis of  GI
  • Management and action plans for landscape restoration

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Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment, North Yorkshire

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Historic Environment Desk-Based Assessment, Land at Elm Park, Reading

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