ADAS experts have extensive experience of measuring and modelling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide, from agricultural systems.

Our scientists have an established track record of carrying out Government (Defra), industry and Link funded field research quantifying GHG emissions across agricultural systems.

Efficient nutrient and livestock management is key to meeting the challenges of reducing GHG emissions.

Our expertise

Our unique blend of soil science, livestock management and modelling expertise and data specialist provide evidence-based advice to interpret emission factors and activity data to develop emission inventories and mitigation to help minimise agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Contact John Williams if you would like strategic advice on:

  • Maximising nitrogen use efficiency in crop production systems
  • Maximising production efficiency to minimise methane and nitrous oxide emissions from livestock systems
  • Measuring greenhouse gases e.g. nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide emissions from field experiments
  • Gas chromatography analysis techniques for measuring nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide concentrations
  • Use of nitrification inhibitors to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from applications of manufactured nitrogen fertiliser and organic materials
  • Modelling and data interpretation for inventory development.