The ADAS Horticulture crop agronomy team work all across the UK. We specialise in the production of:

  • soft, stone and pome fruit,
  • cane fruit,
  • rhubarb,
  • field vegetables (and outdoor salads),
  • herbs,
  • bedding and pot plants,
  • Christmas trees,
  • hardy nursery stock
  • field-grown and protected cut flowers.

We are the only UK based group of consultants who continue to provide impartial advice to growers. All our advisors are BASIS and FACTS qualified.

Agronomy advisory service

Our advisory service provides comprehensive agronomy services across all sectors of horticulture. This includes a specific focus on the planning and implementation of Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM) strategies and biological pest and disease control.

We can develop weed control plans, including herbicide and cultural control programmes for specific crops. For pesticide use and biopesticide use, we can offer advice on best practice, legislation and resistance management. This can include the design of specific pest, disease and weed control programmes.

All the programmes we develop are compliant to current pesticide regulations. However, they can be easily modified to conform to specific standards, including Red Tractor Assured standards, or to your site-specific requirements.

Resource provision

We can advise on resource provision for all horticulture crop types. This includes:

  • growing media
  • crop nutrition (field and container production)
  • analysis interpretation (including FACTS/BASIS qualified interpretation) combined with crop specific recommendations.

We can support the conduction of water analysis and use the results to advise on water treatment and maximising irrigation suitability.

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