ADAS Horticulture specialises in all areas of commercial horticulture production. We are well established as impartial advisors in the soft fruit, vegetable, protected edible and ornamental sectors.

By working across the supply chain, we form an essential link between growers, the wider industry, the research community and Government policy. Our team is supported by ADAS entomologists, plant pathologists, weed biologists, microbiologists, hydrologists, soil scientists, modellers, diffuse pollution and environmental experts.

Recognised nationally and internationally, our work spans five operational themes to deliver the sustainable intensification of horticulture production.

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Plant protection in horticulture

Plant health is essential to ensure a stable, profitable supply of fresh food. As experts in plant pathology and entomology, we provide industry-leading consultancy and R&D including:

Horticulture crop agronomy

With 100 years of collective experience, our BASIS qualified experts provide commercial agronomy and crop walking services. When it comes to business development, we can offer practical insight to optimise your production.

Our extensive experience means we can also provide a comprehensive diagnostic service for any and all crop protection problems.

Resource use in horticulture

Optimising resource use is key in driving the economic viability of production. It is also critical for meeting the sustainability requirements, especially as we move towards Net Zero goals. We are offer specialist consultancy and R&D support for:

Knowledge exchange & technical training

As trusted experts in knowledge exchange, we offer research dissemination and training at all levels. For projects looking to maximise the commercial impact of novel research, we can act as knowledge exchange partners.

For companies looking to upskill their staff, we offer targeted training and mentoring for business development or best practice.

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