We offer a complete land management consultancy service to landowners, managers and developers across the UK. Our consultants combine experience with sound environmental science and offer our clients pragmatic, tailored advice to support environmental, conservation or planning compliance requirements. We provide our clients with a framework to maximise a site’s potential in terms of habitat, ecology and biodiversity.

Our consultants specialise in managing large land holdings. We work with our clients to achieve specific environmental and conservation requirements and to avoid future environmental constraints. Land management principles are the basis for our species mitigation and habitat creation programmes. The programmes we produce will satisfy planning conditions and protected species licence legislation.

We can carry out biodiversity offsetting to compensate for habitat loss or help you meet corporate social responsibility objectives and to demonstrate increased environmental value. Land management principles can be applied to land banks to ensure that environmental conditions do not impede or prevent future land development.

Our experience

We have decades of experience working with large estates includes power stations and associated ash disposal areas, utility companies, Network Rail and investment companies. Our advice is always tailored to your requirements.

Our service is supported by geographic information systems team who provide high-quality mapping, as well as a wide range of environmental specialists.

Our complete land management service

  • Sustainable land management
  • Integrated land management
  • Biodiversity offsetting and enhancement
  • Land quality assessment, including land husbandry
  • Corporate social responsibility compliance
  • Planning and licensing support
  • Drainage design, including sustainable drainage systems
  • Input to Environmental Impact Assessments

Contact Chris Thomson chris.thomson@adas.co.uk for any enquiries

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