Land is a finite resource with conflicting demands for use in agriculture and for biodiversity. Land-use change (LUC) and the loss of prime habitats, especially high-value habitats such as rainforest, is a major global concern.

Not only is there a negative impact on biodiversity, changes can result in significant carbon emissions. Agricultural raw materials such as palm oil, soya, timber and beef can all be produced in regions subject to LUC.

Our sustainability experts can help companies understand this risk in their supply chains.

Areas of recent work have included:

  • Supporting strategies to reduce LUC impacts
  • Footprints of LUC risk commodities
  • Identification of opportunities to regenerate degraded areas
  • Communicating messages to value chain to support understanding of LUC risks and strategy

Land Use Assessments

All crops and livestock products need land for their production. We can help assess the area required to produce agricultural raw materials. Once requirements are identified, we can identify ways to reduce these requirements. This might be through sustainable intensification of production, yield enhancement or adjusting sourcing locations.

We use a combination of GIS mapping and knowledge of production practices to test changing use and availability.

ADAS can help your organisation develop and implement practical strategies. We offer a range of measurement, analysis, strategy and communication services including:

  • Measuring and monitoring to collect information about a supply chain
  • Communicating sustainability messages to all stakeholders
  • Developing sustainability strategies to meet business needs
  • Bespoke analysis and reporting

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