ADAS has the capability to produce comprehensive Landscape and Ecology Management Plans (LEMP) for a range of different schemes. Typically they are prepared at the discharge of conditions, but they may also be submitted upfront with the planning application.

The LEMP includes a description of the scheme, planting schedules, prescriptions for ground preparation, establishment and management and maintenance, typically for 25 years, and maintenance schedules. The LEMP will help to ensure that the landscape scheme is adequately managed following completion and complies with the requirements of local planning authorities. The LEMPs we produce are concise, well-structured and easy for contractors to use.

The LEMP will include a Landscape Masterplan on which all landscape features are shown, incorporating recommendations provided by our ecology consultants.

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We also work closely with the ADAS land management,  arboriculture and ecology teams to produce management plans combining sound technical experience with practical advice to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Contact Daniel Haigh if you need:

  • Concise, well-structured and easy to use Landscape and Ecology Management Plans (LEMP) with maintenance schedules
  • Landscape masterplans that are clear and easy to read

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