Nutrient management planning targets nutrient applications to where they are needed most, improving the efficiency of fertiliser use.

Our team of FACTs qualified advisers carry out detailed nutrient planning which benefits productivity while minimising fertiliser costs, as well as ensuring that you remain compliant with legislation.

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Farming Rules for Water

The Farming Rules for Water aims to get “full value from fertilisers and soil”. Fertiliser applications match crop requirements, which can only be achieved through nutrient planning.

Fertiliser planning now needs to take into account the risks of pollution on farm as well as the results of soil tests. The legal requirement under the rules to test your soil, on land which is cultivated or receiving applications of fertiliser or manure, a minimum of every 5 years. 

The rules focus on the storage and application of manure and artificial fertiliser, and keeping livestock away from water courses to prevent soil erosion and diffuse pollution.

Farms in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)

Farms in NVZs are required to keep more detailed nutrient application records, and certain agri-environment scheme options may also require nutrient management plans.

Our consultants work with PLANET software and the latest version of RB209 to create nutrient management plans that are up to date, and compliant with relevant legislation. Our nutrient management planning service can be supported by our soil and organic manure sampling service if required.

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Contact Zoe Morgan if you require:

  • Nutrient management plans
  • Spreading risk maps
  • NVZ advice
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Soil and Organic Manure Sampling