We offer consultancy and advice service to farmers, growers, landowners, suppliers and organisations. We also deliver advice programmes on behalf of government agencies and agricultural bodies.

For 75 years, ADAS has delivered independent technical and farm business advice to farmers and growers in England and Wales. Today our goal is the same – help farm businesses become more efficient and profitable.

We have a team of 50 experienced farm consultants working across England and Wales. Our research on crop and animal production, soil and water, and sustainable land use underpins our advice.

We also work on behalf of the government and industry organisations. This includes Farming Connect in Wales and Catchment Sensitive Farming in England.

How we can help you

Farms need to meet ever more demanding market and regulatory requirements. Our experience working on government policy means we can help clients prepare and respond quickly to legislation changes.

Our independent, practical, evidence-based consultancy can help you with:

  • Efficient, profitable production
  • Protecting the environment, (in particular soil, water quality and biodiversity)
  • Meeting customer demands for safe traceable food
  • Managing risk and uncertainty in volatile markets

Farm business advice

From the creation of business plans to cash flow forecasting, we can help you plan for the future. Our consultants can also assist with benchmarking your current performance or carry out feasibility studies to guide your decisions.

If you’re looking at finance options, we can investigate diversification possibilities, investment appraisals, or grant application options. Grants we can explore include the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMs).

We can also help and advise on meeting regulatory requirements such as:

  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs)
  • Cross-compliance
  • Silage, Slurry, and Agricultural Fuel Oil (SSAFO)

Related advisory services

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