ADAS provides a comprehensive diagnostic and advisory service for crop disease, pest and physiological/nutritional problems.

Working on ornamental and edible crops, our expert diagnosticians can investigate postharvest losses and identify the underlying causes. This is an essential first step in planning a mitigation strategy.

Individual samples can be submitted to us by post or collected by courier when arranged in advance. During early processing, we will have a consultation with you to discuss our initial observations. Laboratory diagnostic methods that fit with your timetable and price range will be arranged.

A wide variety of tests are available for the identification of fungal and pest issues across all horticulture crop types. We will work with you to investigate any local conditions and crop history which may link to the observed symptoms. At this point, we can suggest specific requirements for remediation, such as moving to organic production.

We will keep you informed throughout the progress of dialogistic testing. With our dedicated laboratories for pathology, entomology and physiology, results are returned quickly.

For site-specific advice, we also offer follow-up visits. This can include the examination or creation of plant health protocols.

Contact details

Pricing and timelines

Each plant clinic diagnostic package is bespoke to a growers requirements. Contact Jude Bennison with a description of your problem and your contact details. We will then be in touch to agree on how to best meet your needs and costs.

Post-diagnostic support

Following the identification of the likely causes, our BASIS qualified consultants will share the results with you. Our final report will outline actions for mitigation and treatment. We are happy to review and produce hygiene and biosecurity protocols.